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We believe in a global network of talented professionals and connecting them to the right projects.That believe enables us to guide brands, agencies and creators on their sound journey. Music and sound have a way of touching your soul. In order to create impact, we are dedicated to composing original soundtracks that connect people, engage the right voices to capture attention and design sound that can move a culture forward.



Experience tailor-made music compositions, ranging from bespoke creations to quality library tracks. Whether you require a brief 1-bar loop or a full-fledged song, our skilled composers are adept at crafting the perfect musical accompaniment for your project. With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that every composition resonates harmoniously with your visual.

Unlock the true potential of your visuals and images with well-crafted sound design. We understand the transformative power of sound and have mastered the art of soundscaping, meticulously crafting immersive soundscapes that add character, depth, and an extra layer of emotion to your visual story. Let us add a new dimension to your project.

Discover the perfect voice for your project with our extensive database of vibrant and diverse voices, each possessing its own unique tone and energy. Let's find and record the ideal voice that perfectly aligns with your project's requirements.

A well-executed radio commercial has the power to elevate your brand's presence and deeply engage listeners. In bringing strong concepts to life through captivating voices and immersive sounds we create compelling commercials that leave a lasting impression, ensuring your message resonates with your audience long after it is heard.

If you want high-quality music for your film, video game or other visuals, starting from scratch isn't always necessary. With so much good music out there, our library provides a one-stop-shop solution with a vast collection of private original music that is easy to license. You can choose and license tracks from our shelves, or we can customize them to fit your specific needs. We offer bespoke but affordable music so contact us below to request access to our extensive library.


Axel Guenoun
Music, Sound Design
Joseph Bell
Music, Sound Design
Matteo De Marinis
Music, Sound Design
Niccolò Chotkowski
Music, Sound Design

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